Development & Construction

We have completed a wide array of development and construction projects with values ranging from $2 million to $750 million. For more information on the work we procure, please see below.

Land Acquisition & Due Diligence

  • Sourcing suitable development sites
  • Analyze as of right and future land use potential
  • Preparation of initial project pro forma
  • Pre-qualify, engage, manage and lead the appropriate professional and engineering team to perform necessary studies, reports, etc. Team would include but is not limited to architects, geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental consultants, surveyors, land use planners, real estate and municipal lawyers, etc.
  • Liaise with all necessary governing agencies to understand their requirements and the viability of obtaining the land use approvals that would result in the project being viable


  • Preparation of project pro forma
  • Preparation of project schedule
  • Review project metrics in order to establish project financial viability
  • Management of financing applications
  • Review and advisory in regards to Letters of Interest, term sheets and commitment letters
  • Manage the clearing of funding conditions
  • Manage the legal & professional team for an expeditious closing

Land Use

  • Zoning by-law
  • Site plan approval
  • Draft plan of subdivision
  • Draft plan of condominium
  • Site alteration permit
  • Pre-servicing agreement
  • Heritage easement & site plan agreement
  • Subdivision agreement
  • Conservation authority approval
  • Ministry of Natural Resources approval
  • Department of fisheries approval
  • Building permit
  • Registration of the plan of condominium
  • Registration of the plan of subdivision
  • Lifting of part lot control by-law
  • Required on and off site easements & conveyances
  • Release of all financial security

Sales & Marketing

  • Market research and analytics
  • Comprehensive turnkey customer service
  • Engage ad agencies & broker community
  • Manage budget requirements


  • Manage the tender and general construction of all infrastructure and roadworks for all of our communities
  • Procure all construction dwelling units on a turnkey basis while acting as both the Tarion Vendor and Builder for all of our communities